Advantage of Hiring A Wedding Band

Advantage of Hiring A Wedding Band

A live wedding band can make your party a unique experience for everyone attending. Music is such an important element of the day and helps to create the right atmosphere at the venue of your choice. You want your special day to be memorable and so selecting a band can have many advantages in this respect.

A major advantage of a live band is that it acts as a point of focus for your guests. Musicians can inject comedy and entertainment into the event. Not all guests may enjoy dancing, but everyone likes to watch a performance and be entertained. The band can inject energy and enthusiasm into things and provide something for everyone.


Another advantage is the sound quality of live music. It can cope with the acoustics of reception venues and usually sounds more professional.

Professional musicians can tailor their sound to suit the event and can achieve a harmonious balance between not drowning out the conversation and maintaining audibility.

A live band can work with the theme of your wedding which is another major plus. Often people choose to develop a theme for their party be it 1920s jazz, country or punk through to Scottish folk music and a live band can complement this by specializing in the genre of music that you want to use. If you can imagine it then they can play it.

Another aspect is that the band can be auditioned well in advance and can even be seen performing live. With this in mind, event planners can make informed decisions about the right band for them. Often musicians will offer a personalized service and work with you to select the best combinations of songs to complement your chosen theme and incorporate something to suit all tastes.

A live wedding band will take care of all technical support so that you don’t have to. They will provide the equipment, transport it to the venue and set things up freeing you up to plan other projects for the day.

As well as taking requests the band can also change the tempo to suit the needs of the guests so the first dance between bride and groom might call for a slow pace, while the pace can be adjusted and tailored to needs throughout the event.

When guests get tired the band can slow it down a notch and when guests get merry the band can invigorate the audience. Traditional dances and group dance routines are easier to organize under the instruction of the musicians. There is also less worry about a break in the music as the band can keep playing and entertaining throughout the event and will sound a lot better than canned music.

Everyone wants to have a unique and memorable party and hiring a live wedding band is a great investment and will have guests talking about it for weeks and years to come. Considering the cost of a wedding, a band is a small fraction of this overall price and will provide structure and enjoyment for all.

The Live Bands Hire Dilemma

The Live Bands Hire Dilemma

A notice in the local newspaper, a popup on your computer screen or a street side signboard saying ‘Live Bands Hire’ is enough reasons for you to sit up and take notice and jot down the contact details quickly. The reasons behind this is the simple fact that the term ‘Live Bands Hire’ refer to the scope for you to hire a live music band for giving that special extra touch to all your parties.

The factors to be considered in hiring a live band are manifold. Starting from the genre of music you want to be played, the cost of it all, whether the venue has music license or not, everything needs to be planned well before hand for an extremely successful party.

The first live bands hire factor is that of music selection. After you have decided on having a live band performing at your party, select the kind of music or genre that you want to be played. In case a fusion or variety is required, as in case of weddings, note that down as well since the band you choose will mainly be based on this point.

The second live bands hire factor involves the search for the band which suits your requirements. Thus, sources like the yellow pages, internet, your friends and family referrals will give you a list of party bands to choose from. Moreover, your party venue or local event management companies are also good options to ask for such referrals.


When you have a list of music bands, shortlist on the basis of the music they play, their cost, their reputation in the market, etc. Search for them on the net and go through their official websites scanning previous performances, reviews, etc.

When you have short listed a few, meet them one by one to sit and discuss issues like the kind of music they play and their plans for your kind of a party, how much they will charge, so on and so forth. This will give you a pretty good idea regarding who amongst them would cater to your specific needs the best.

After you have zeroed in on your choice, hire the band and discuss the nitty-gritty’s such as the kind of party you are having, the profile of the guests, the total time for which they will perform, jointly decide on the play list and their requirements like amount of stage space, power supply and other logistical details.

The final ‘live bands hire’ step would include seeing to all the required logistical requirements such as electrical points, creation of a stage or a space for the band, the size of the dance floor if any, allotment of space in the parking lot for easy offloading of their musical instruments, noise limits or time constraints of the venue, etc.

A well planned event will surely consummate in a grand party made extra special with the presence of a live band which all your guests would remember for days to come.

Why Bother With A Live Party Band?

Why Bother With A Live Party Band?

Are you throwing a party? Are you planning to make different and special? Then the answer to these questions lies solely in hiring party bands. Any function starting from a baby shower, professional success, birthday or a wedding can be celebrated by making party bands to play at your party. This will surely make the party rock.

Genre of music is the most important thing that one should look at before selecting the party band. So if you are arranging for a party for friends then hire a party band that can play music that your friends like. Again if you are arranging for a party where you want to dance like crazy then hire a party band that can play all the dance numbers for you to shake your leg to.

If you have the desire to make your party exciting, extra ordinary and definitely different from the common or ordinary ones, then the only station is the party bands. Not going by the general music genre approach to band hiring, you can be creative and choose a good band to deliver something different. This article will guide you with some innovative ideas to make your party a huge hit and give it that extra sheen.

The first idea to make you party different is to hire a tribute party band. This involves arranging for an entire performance playing songs and performing like some selected legendary musician. In such parties hire party bands that are expert in playing the songs of that world class singer or band. Say suppose one may arrange a tribute party for Rolling Stone, Grateful Dead or Blondie.

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Again, your party may also be decade party. In these kinds of parties music is played from a particular decade. If you are arranging for your grandfather’s birthday party then play music of the late 50’s or early 60’s. Play the music of the 70s if you are celebrating the party in yours parents anniversary. If you and your friends are celebrating some event and partying, the ideal music for you will be that of the 80s or 90s which will remind you of your school days.

As another novel idea, you can have a karaoke party too. You and your friends can be one-day rock stars singing along with the party band and their music. That will be a great hit for sure. Never mind if you cannot sing that well. The idea is to enjoy and that’s what you will do. Your friends will remember the fun they had for a long time.

You can also hire a party band to play according to a particular theme that you have creatively selected for your party. It can be a beach party or a party at some barn house. The party band should be briefed accordingly to have corresponding attires and needs to play such themed music. In fact in situations like these the live band will provide an extra special edge to theme and make it successful.

For example, a beach party can have a lot of dance numbers while a party at a barn house will go with haunting country music. Try that and make your party special. The band has a real important role in these parties. They bring forth the theme with their music and stage handling so that everybody can feel its essence.

Coming down to the brass tracks, there are certain points to take note of before the party. Talk to the party band about its requirements regarding power supply, parking space for loading and unloading equipments, timings etc and check up with the venue if they possess the necessary licenses to host party bands. Check for sound limits if any and stage space where the performance will take place. Everything planned well beforehand, sit back and enjoy while your party becomes the talk of the town.

The Music For Your Special Day

The Music For Your Special Day


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Music can be the deal breaker of any event.

A good music can instantly raise the vibe and make the occasion lively no matter how boring it may seem. That’s why selecting a good music that has the ability to make the evening lively is of utmost important and what better occasion can you get than to choose the music for your wedding to make it memorable?

A wedding music as the name implies is the music that plays at a wedding celebration. Usually, the music is not just reserved for the main event but it is also played before and after the main event.

Choosing a good music

Choosing a good wedding should be started weeks before the celebration. One should consider number of factors while choosing a good music.

  • Are you planning to call a band or a DJ?
  • Does the chosen music match with your personality?
  • Does it suit the occasion?
  • Are you and your guests able to dance on the track?

Overlook these so called small things and you are definitely slipping up the opportunity to create a memorable evening.

Common Mistakes

There are some mistakes that people usually make while selecting a good wedding music.

  • Weddings with limited budget cancel any possibility of using a band or DJ even before a proper research. Not seeking professional opinion is of big mistakes people make. They plan on doing everything on their own.
  • Couples who try to go with trends miss out the opportunity to add a personal touch to their weddings. Since they are so caught in keeping up with the latest fad, they forget what kind of music will make “their” occasion lively.
  • Failing to pre-check sound system can lead to a huge disappointment. Even though technical glitches can arise any time, pre-checking the system might help a lot.

Going with the flow

Deciding whether to get a band or DJ might seem confusing to many people. This is usually because everyone is looking for black and answers. They want to know the best option. This kind of attitude is responsible for the confusion.

The most important question one can ask in these kinds of situations is – what are your preferences?

There are no black and white options. Everything is relative and subjective. Becoming aware of your preference is the key to successfully handling the situation.

You might choose a band if you prefer any on these.

  • You are not running low of money and you can afford a good band.
  • You want to add a personal touch to your wedding. A good band can pretty easily change the whole atmosphere of any event by simply playing according to the guest.
  • You want to make the evening lively and engaging as a live performance is more appealing than a recorded one.

While in a DJ performance you get to enjoy the following benefits.

  • You can have a limited budget and still hire a decent DJ.
  • You get to hear the songs from original artists which usually sound better than the ones who copy it.
  • The variety of songs and tunes available can be a night and day difference in a DJ performance. For someone who wants a wide range of music in their wedding, a DJ might be their best bet.

Final Deal

Once you figure out what is it that you want to be played at your wedding it’s time to seal the deal.  Here are some things that you should check before finalizing any deal whatsoever.

  • Specific time at which they should arrive. Both the parties should agree at the time at which the musician is supposed to arrive at the wedding. This can really help you to avoid any last minute troubles.
  • You should agree the timing of the plays. Both of you should agree beforehand the time at which the music will be starting and ending. This can help to avoid any conflict that might have arisen.
  • You should also take into consideration the amount of time that will be spent on breaks since nobody plays for such a long stretch.
  • Overtime fees should be discussed beforehand. Some wedding might stretch for longer than expected. Under those circumstances, to make sure the pros don’t overcharge you to play overtime; you should discuss the matter beforehand.
  • Last but not the least; you should come to an agreement on terms and conditions of payment. Don’t forget to read the agreement properly to make sure you are not charged unreasonably.

Closing Thoughts

Music is the soul of any event and the wedding is the most important event for the marrying couple.

To make this event lively for both the couple and the guests, good music is of utmost importance.

So don’t forget to get the best possible deal for your special day.

Hiring A Real Live Wedding Band


Hiring A Real Live Wedding Band – The Advantages

A wedding is a very special occasion that many people want to make as memorable as possible. This is why a live wedding band is becoming a more popular option. Let’s take a look at some reasons why people are taking this route for their wedding day.

One of the benefits of this type of entertainment is that the guests will be able to get visual entertainment along with the music that they will hear. This can be a great help in preventing monotony from setting in, which can happen whether we like the thoughts of it or not.

Music that bands play are usually better quality then the music that is heard from disc jockeys. This is because a band is very specific when it comes to adjusting the settings for the sound that they have and they want it to be absolutely perfect. If they do not sound great they will not get the great reviews that they want that will help them get other jobs down the road.

They also have their own people that look after all the lugging of the equipment that they use. This can help give the bridal party some relief as they will be able to concentrate on other things that they have to be sure are done for the big day. With so many things to do this is a huge issue to know is under control.

Themes are a common thing when it comes to weddings these days. Depending on the theme you choose there may be a band that can match it that can perform at the wedding. This can make the wedding even more professional when it comes to the way it looks as well as create a lot of lasting memories that everyone will cherish.

Bands are also known for being able to get the guests involved in the occasion in other ways then just dancing. They may know of games and other fun things that are done that can make all of your guests feel like they are a special part of your day. This can only add to the pleasure that your guests will have at your wedding.

The ability to hear bands before hiring them is another thing that the happy couple like about the idea of having a live band perform. This can be a way for them to know exactly what they are getting beforehand. Be patient when going through the audition process as you want to find just the right thing to make your day even more special.

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When looking for a live wedding band, try using the internet to help you find those that are close to the area you live. This can make things a lot easier for all concerned when the big day comes. You can also find out about pricing that live bands charge when on the internet. Many of them are not that expensive as they want to become more popular so others will hire them. Be patient when looking through the options and be sure you choose only those that you really like.

Creating indelible memories of your wedding day

Creating indelible memories of your wedding day with a live band

Weddings are among the most celebrated ceremonies in the world today. They are occasions whose memories are treasured long after they have taken place. Making this one special day a success requires meticulous planning. One of the focal points of a wedding is the entertainment segment. The quality of music played in your special event is as important as any other part of the wedding, hence the need to explore the different options when choosing.

For maximum fun and entertainment, a live music band should be the quick solution to your needs. The atmosphere created by live instruments cannot be duplicated by any other form of entertainment.

Apart from bringing a touch of class and sophistication to your wedding, a live music band will ;

Co-operate With You

Unlike hiring a Dj who just plays music from a recorded collection, a live band is composed of people who you can actually communicate with. This gives you a chance to create the exact atmosphere you desire by tailoring your set list of songs. The band can also play in tune with the part of the wedding taking place, going down, picking up, slowing down or building a tempo as required.

Talent Showcasing

A common characteristic of a live band is to impress audiences with its talents. This will ensure that your guests are kept well-entertained throughout the wedding. Live bands put a lot of energy and work hard by playing their best as this is what they do. Since they know the kind of music they play very well, they have an actual connection to it.


Wherever you choose to have your wedding, you will not have to worry about where to get a live band. They are everywhere and since this is their job, they are readily available if you seek them out. There are live bands all over the world and this saves you the expenses you would otherwise have incurred in hiring a Dj and his tools of work.


Having your guests seated all through the ceremony even with music playing is a big no. You will want this day to be lively and fired up. The secret to ensuring a full dance floor is a live band. These are professional entertainers who will have your guests on their feet within no time. This form of entertainment will make the ceremony more lively and memorable.

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A live band is a team of people who have performed in various events hence are experienced. They are able to advise you when you need to maintain some type of style depending on the different types of guests. A band will mix tunes seamlessly and keep everyone happy. Their live music has a unique touch as it has probably never been played before in the exact order-this gives you wedding day an out-of-the-ordinary feel.

Memories are priceless. Creating your own on the most special day is made possible by hiring a live band. Before you hire, find as much as you can about each specific group.